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NoSQL Inside SQL with Java, Spring, Hibernate, and PostgreSQL

There are many benefits to schema-less NoSQL datastores, but there are always trade-offs. The primary gift the NoSQL movement has given us is the variety of options we now have for data persistence. With NoSQL we no longer must try to shoehorn everything into a relational model. Now the challenge is in deciding which persistence […]

The Promise of Big Data Analytics and Insights

Cognitive Computing and Big Data are transforming the way businesses, governments, and organizations solve their most complex problems. Data is all around us. But making sense of that data is challenging. It comes from everywhere and in many shapes and formats, structured and unstructured, from the Internet, mobile devices, social media, GPS, RFID, and elsewhere […]

What does Big Data mean to Database Marketing?

What does “Big Data” mean to Database Marketing? Over the last year the term “Big Data” has been used progressively and is now part of the discussion in the budget battles taking place in many industries and organizations.  For me, it all started with hearing the word “Hadoop” back in 2010.  Who forgets a word […]